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Ninja Fortnite Settings, Keybinds, Sensitivity & Setup [Updated August 2020]



Ninja Fortnite Settings, Keybinds, Sensitivity & Setup

Gaming Setup & Gear

Ninja Fortnite Video Settings

Video Settings Input
Window Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution: 1920×1080 16:9
Frame rate limit: 240 FPS
3D Resolution: 1920×1080 (100%)
View Distance: Far
Shadows: Off
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Textures: Low
Effects: Low
Post Processing: Low
Vsync: Off
Motion Blur: Off
Show FPS: On
Brightness Calibration: 0.69

Ninja Fortnite Game Settings

Game Settings Input
Mouse Sensitivity X: 0.100
Mouse Sensitivity Y: 0.070
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity: 0.300
Mouse Scope Sensitivity: 0.300
Mouse DPI: 800
Polling rate 500 Hz
HUD Scale: 1.00
Aim Assist: On
Edit Delay: 0.100

Ninja Fortnite Keybinds

Action Input
Use E
Jump Spacebar
Reload/Rotate R
Sprint Default
Crouch R
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 Z
Weapon Slot 5 X
Building Slot 1 (Wall) Mouse Button 4
Building Slot 2 (Floor) Q
Building Slot 3 (Stairs) Mouse Button 5
Building Slot 2 (Roof) Left Shift
Trap T
Building Edit F
Inventory Tab
Map M
Emote Key B
Auto Run Mouse Wheel Button
Push to Talk Left CTRL

Ninja Gear

Ninja Gaming PC

Ninja Streaming PC

Ninja Setup

The increased popularity of the game Fortnite BR has increased the number of its players and to they do everything to win the game. Some settings are required to make the game win easily and they are as follows.

Mouse settings

It is very obvious that if you are playing a PC game you will be using the various parts of it as your gears. So, accordingly you will have to do the settings too. If we talk about the basic mouse settings for this game then the players should start ideally from the sensitivity X of 0.08 and the Sensitivity Y of 0.06. Apart from these two basic and important sensitivities, setting the zoom sensitivity properly is required. To start off, the zoom or the scope Sensitivity should be of 0.40. The ADS Sensitivity should be adjusted to 0.60 and the DPI or CPI Sensitivity should be at 800. The eDPI should be 56, while polling rate should not be less than 1000 Hz.

The huge popularity of the game has made people mad about this game. There won’t any computer left where you do not see this game. Every third system has this game on and people are doing everything to win that one game. To make this thing a bit easy these settings are invented and thus one should always check the specifications of their PC before downloading this game. These settings are very important and help in getting the game easily. You can, however, play without them. If you want to do such settings to your mouse, images, and videos too are available.

Videos and Graphics settings

One would wonder as to why these settings are important and one needs to do them before start playing. The answer to these questions is very simple. First, these settings will help you in winning the game with the utmost ease and in the best possible way. The second reason is that these settings help you in increasing the excitement level of the game. Therefore, these are worth trying. If we talk about the graphics settings then the windows mode of the game should be full screen in the first place. The resolution of your screen should be 1920×1080. The refresh rate should be set at 240 Hz and the aspect ratio should be 16:9. You should turn the Vsync off. The motion blur too should be off.

The Frame Rate Limit should be unlimited and the 3D limit should also be 1920×1080. The view distance for the game should be Epic and you need to turn off the shadows before start playing the game. Along with the shadows, keep the anti-aliasing off and the textures should be epic. The effects should be in the way as the textures are. You need to turn the post-processing low and the show grass off before starting the game.

If one is not able to understand the settings through these numbers then, there are pictures there on the internet. Not just pictures, there is a full gallery for this. Although, the settings may take a little time in doing it, but it is very easy to do. These settings are a must for them who have just started playing the game. These settings will increase the level of ease even higher. Only thing that should be checked before the installment of the game is the specifications of the PC on which the game is going to be installed. The specifications should be good enough to make the settings possible on the PC.

Important keybinds for the game

Along with the mouse and the graphics settings, the keybinds are also important to remember. If we play any game on the mobile then he keypad plays a very important role in it. The same is the case with PC games. Here, keyboard plays the role of an important gear and thus it is very important for the players to learn different keybinds. However, these could be done by the use of mouse also, but as the name suggests most of them are keys of the laptop.

If the action is from any wall, you need to use mouse 4 and if the area of action is floor then use the key Q for it. For stairs use mouse 5 and for the roof try shifting left. Now, since the PC is personalized and you must have played some other game before, you know which key to use for this. To create a tap using the key 5, this is bound to mouse DPI switch. To build the edit use the key G and if you need a map then press the key M. for the inventory action you will be using the key Tab. For the harvesting, tool uses the key 1. Now is the time to know the various keys that are used for the different weapon slots. These are by far the easiest keys to remember and they need just a little attention. For the weapon slot 1 use the key 2, for the weapon slot 2 use the key 3 and for the third weapon, slot uses the key 4. For the last two weapon slots use the key Z and X respectively.

if you are willing to master the art of playing this game like a pro, then please check whether you remember all these keybinds or not. for the ease of the players knowing these keybinds are very important and if you are a true Fortnite enthusiast then you must understand this. apart from these virtual gears required for the game, there are few of the real gears that the players use and one can buy them very easily at any of the popular online or offline stores

So, in this article, we have tried our best to provide the players with the best possible ninja settings and keybinds for their game. All they need to do is to follow them properly and the game will be fun.

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