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Tilted Towers Will Be Removed by A Meteor



Tilted Towers Will Be Removed by A Meteor

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the global market now and this is the reason why the Tilted Tower that has been removed by a meteor is making such a buzz amongst players.

The secret behind the meteor:

If you are a regular Fortnite player, then you have seen the blue meteor which has been added to the game on the month of April. After this was added a lot of people started to think that this was basically a prank which was uploaded by the developers to celebrate April Fools Day. This was not the reality. As days went on nothing major changed about the meteor. Players started to realize that the size of the meteor has been increasing rapidly over time.

People became very much confused and finally, a Reddit user came out and said that maybe the Tilted towers are going away and this is how epic games is going to do it. This made a lot of sense to the players because the tilted towers are a place where a lot of players die at the early stage of the game. This is the reason midway through the game becomes boring. The map of Fortnite is not very big bet at times because of the initial death of the players in the game the game becomes slow.

To stop the game from becoming slow the Epic game has thought of removing the Tilted Tower. It is expected that the meteor is going to hit the Tilted towers on the 18th of April and it will all be destroyed in the Fortnite world. This is a perfect way for Fortnite to make changes with the game with help of building a storyline along with it.

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